16 December 2008

So far behind, I'm ahead.

"So far behind, I'm ahead" is something that I've heard my Mother in law say a time or two in 13 years. And that certainly applies to me right now. C's teacher asked me today how packing is coming. I laughed. Between packing, school, cleaning, shopping for Christmas and the 1,000,000,000 other things that I have to do, I feel as though eventually I may get caught up around February 1st.

Baking for Christmas is the thing that had to give this year. Tradition states that the boys and I sit down with the cookbooks and recipes and they each choose 3 cookies that we bake and give as gifts. We compiled our list just after Halloween. That was the end of that. Last Tuesday, we had a snow day and we did get a batch of peanut butter bonbons made. Six bonbons went into the freezer for Santa for fear I wouldn't get to another batch and the rest were eaten. Gone. I do need to make another batch to give to J's co-workers at the Christmas party this weekend. I think the day for that is Thursday.

I finished up Christmas shopping today, with the exception of that we are still trying to locate one gift for M. This was, of course, at the expense of the huge basket of laundry that needs washed. I figured it'd wait another day. It had to, I really wanted to get the shopping finished. Tomorrow will be laundry day and set aside for beginning to wrap gifts. What gifts I don't get wrapped will probably have to wait until Monday.

Over the weekend, we will need to purchase and hang 15 (or is it 17??....it's written down somewhere) mini blinds at the house, clean the carpets and other floors and just get the house generally ready for the onslot of boxes and furniture come the 27th. AND I still need to make a trip to Sears to purchase a washing machine and dryer. (Yay!)

Add to that church services on Sunday morning and the company Christmas dinner at 4pm and J will be once again looking forward to getting back to work on Monday.

Is it the new year yet?!?!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jen! I've been looking for you! I like that saying, So far behind, I'm ahead. : ) Anyway, please e-mail me when you get a chance (it's in my ww profile)! ...rach (rachmox)