12 December 2008

Now we are official!!

We met the seller's agent, our agent and our mortgage lender at the title company this morning at 10am. After signing and dating (12/12/08) what seemed like eleven million papers and a bit of a wait for the papers to be faxed over, we got a "Congratulations, you're home owners!".

I didn't expect to get emotional when it was all over, but I did. Everybody understood. :)

After a celebratory lunch at Red Robin, we made a our first trip to Home Depot. We went out to the house to change the locks and do some light cleaning and then got home around dinner time.

I didn't remember to grab the camera to take some pics, but the next time we are out at the house, I'll get some.

And in two short weeks, we're making the big move!

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Heather Graves said...

Congrats sis! I am so excited for you.